Monday, 8 April 2013

Brixton Farmers Market

Yesterday it was a gorgeous sunny Sunday so we went to Brixton to check out the Farmers Market I was recommended from my colleague at Conscious Food, a lovely organic food company I freelance for. The market was a bit small but I think a couple of the regular stalls were missing. The ones present though had some really tasty food. My happiest discovery was Global Fusion, a Creole Vegan Bakery stall which made big and delicious veggie fritters, delicious bread and INCREDIBLE homemade cakes.

I left with a very generous slice of Chocolate Mud Pie for £2 and a Veggie Fritter, also pretty big for £ 1.50. I shared both of them with Patrick (aka my boyfriend), who's often very sceptical about healthier foods, but he absolutely loved both and so did I.

The veggie fritter is not something I'd have every day as it was quite oily, it was after all fried, but it was soft and moist with lovely fresh greens and tender sweet potatoes. There was a hot sauce on the side which Patrick tried and as a lover of spicy foods he really enjoyed it, it was hot but not overbearing.

As for the cake...Aaahhh..The cake. CHOCOLATE MUD PIE. Pure, intense, moist chocolate heaven.That's all I can say.
If you prefer fruity desserts, they also had a lovely looking organic peach crumble which I'm going to try next time I head there, plus many other treats with different kinds of fruit in them.

There was a little bit for every taste and the best thing is that all the products were both vegan and soy free so I could have anything I wanted. Yey!
Cheap, intolerance friendly, delicious food.That's my kind of bakery..

Other stalls were selling some lovely fresh seafood, cheeses, free range eggs that you could choose and put in your box, meat, wonderful fruits, vegetables and also flowers..

I picked up some beautiful apples (£1.80 for a bag) and some fresh sage for my tea (£1 for a big bunch) from Perry Court Farm.

And from the Manor Farm stall  I also got some gorgeous red onions (my mom always said "if you need to use onions  always use red ones"), a big celeriac (£1.10) to make a delicious salad and 3 bunches of
Oh So Pretty daffodils for £1. Amazing.
They had many other vegetables to choose from so pop by their stall when you get to market and fill up your basket!

Then we headed to the Happy Herefords stall as Patrick was starting to get a bit hungry and he got  a really tasty sausage with herbs in it, served in a bun with onions and sauces.
 Their meat is grass fed, naturally reared and tasted amazing. They also offered hamburgers  and were selling steaks and other cuts to take home with you.
My diet is mostly plant based but I eat meat as long as I know where it comes from and  ideally it should be grass fed. Well, this company ticked all the boxes.

I was so pleased with this small but buzzing market full of fabulous local produce and I'm definitely going back next Sunday for more organic goodness! And you should too.x

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