Thursday, 2 May 2013

Le Comptoir Lebanese Canteen

This morning I was filming near Carnaby Street with a wonderful cast and crew including Ezra, possibly one of the loveliest people I know here in London. He's not only a ridiculously talented singer, songwriter and musician (I strongly recommend checking out his band here but he's also the amazing man who lead all of us to Le Comptoir after we wrapped filming today.

I have seen this Lebanese Canteen a few times as I was walking around town and today I finally got to try it out. And man, was it worth it!

The first thing I noticed is that being someone who's constantly cold, I did feel all nice and warm as soon as we walked in and even though our table was next to the door I could not feel any type of draft whatsoever and was able to really enjoy my meal at a perfect body temperature ( I know all of this might not interest some of you but I'm sure if any Spanish or Mediterranean people should read this they will definitely know what I'm talking about).

It's a colourful relaxed environment with some upbeat music in the background but thankfully not too loud ,
as it can be in some restaurants, so we were able to have a conversation while enjoying our food.

Aahhh...The Food...My favourite part. We ordered two mezze dish starter of hummous, babaganoush and zaatar with warm pitta to share between us. We had to order a few more pitta bits as there was quite a few of us but all three starters were creamy and delicious.

As a main, I followed in Ezra's steps (he had been here before so was able to enlighten me on some of the dishes), he went for a Marinated Chicken Wrap Platter and I decided to order a Falafel Wrap Platter which means that you get your wrap on a plate with a big refreshing mixed salad (mine had crunchy cucumbers, parsley, mint and my first ever bright pink pickled turnip!) and some more hummous.

Everyone's portion was really generous including three of us who decided to opt for a Chicken and Olive Tagine with Preserved Lemons served with a choice of organic cous cous or organic rice (how good does that sound?).

I washed everything down with and incredibly refreshing and delicate Rose and Mint tea which no doubt I'll order again next time I'll head there.

A few of the guys had some freshly made juices which looked incredible and judging by their faces after the first sip, it sure looked like they were pretty tasty too!
They had many refreshing drinks to choose from and I already have my eyes on their Pomegranate and Orange  Lemonade to try out in the near future.

As i said, the portions were pretty generous so we didn't have any space left for dessert but that's one thing I might try next time (it's a my duty as a food blogger after all isn't it?).

With a warm, welcoming environment, good music, exquisite fresh food and drinks and on top of all this affordable prices, I URGE you to try this venue out. You won't regret it. I promise.x

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