Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Banana, Cinnamon, Walnut Porridge

Spring is definitely on its way but we've still had some pretty chilly days here in London.
On those windy mornings I like to have a warm comforting breakfast that feels just like a giant hug..
And that's exactly what this simple, quick delicious porridge is like. It takes 5 minutes, it's nutritious and the smell of cinnamon always makes me feel instantly happier. It's the perfect way to start my day.

Oats (I use gluten free ones) are complex carbohydrates that will prevent your blood sugar levels from spiking and then quickly dropping, leading to cravings for sugary snacks.  They are also a source of soluble fibre which will help keep you full for longer and that can also be beneficial if you are interested in losing some weight.

I use Brown Rice milk as I am currently off dairy but you can use regular milk (preferably organic) or almond milk or any other type you might prefer.

Banana is a good source of potassium and it helps sweeten this meal, cinnamon is not only delicious but it's an extra help in balancing blood sugar and it's also anti-bacterial and helps with digestion too.

Walnuts add an extra crunchy texture and are a good source of zinc (helpful in boosting the immune system) and a vegetarian source of Omega 3 essential fatty acids (they help the cells in your body to work more efficiently and they also make your skin look more radiant) which our body does not produce and need to take in from food.

Lately I started adding nut butter (yummy protein anyone?), more specifically, my latest obsession: Biona's Hazelnut Butter which reminds me so much of Nutella (and if you add some cacao powder to it that's exactly what you'll get, only a much healthier version)...

I also add some coconut oil (a saturated fat with a structure called medium chain fatty acids, this type of molecular structure is used instantly for energy rather then be stored as fat in the body) to give me an extra energy boost and help digestion. I love Lucy Bee Organic Coconut Oil and I generally buy a big jar and use half of it in the kitchen for cooking and half is in my bathroom as body lotion as it makes my skin incredibly smooth.

Lastly, I love to add some bee pollen (my favourite one is the Gfm Organic one) to strengthen my immune system and some maca powder (I love the Organic Burst Maca Powder) to improve my stress levels as it works on the adrenal glands (where your stress hormones are made).

Now, remember you DO NOT have to add all these quirky little ingredients if you don't want to but I am a massive foodie mixed with a nutritional therapy student and as I do not drink or smoke, I love to spend my extra cash on these type of foods to give my body lots of love..

Now, after all these information overload...Let's get down to it!

1 cup Brown Rice Milk ( I love the Rude Health one)
1/2 cup oats
1 small banana (sliced)
1tbsp coconut oil
1tsp cinnamon
1tbsp hazelnut butter
1 handful chopped walnuts

1tsp maca powder
2tsp bee pollen

Warm up your milk and add your oats, stir and take to a light simmer then add cinnamon, coconut oil and nut butter, mix all together until smooth and creamy.Turn the heat off, pour in your favourite bowl and add your chopped walnuts, maca and bee pollen. Curl on the couch and enjoy..