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What you'll see in this page are some of my favourite food products or little extra things I do that are good for me and involve food..Please do remember that I'm not getting paid to promote any brand , if you see a product listed here it's because I truly believe it's worth mentioning.

-Beauty Foods Face Mask

-Water and Lemon health drink

-Chia Seeds! These little seeds are packed with fibre, omega 3 fats and antioxidants. They have changed my life :) Since adding this food to my diet, my energy levels have really improved. I used to feel exhausted after a double shift a work or a particularly busy week between work and studying, but thanks to these little seeds, I have felt energised and focused rather than tired.
 I add them to my breakfast ( you can check out my overnight oats  recipe) and I don't feel the need to snack till lunch. They are really versatile and can be added to porridge, soups, desserts etc.. There's a few brands out there but the one I am currently using is called The Chia Co. 

- Rude Health alternative milk. If you are off dairy or just prefer non dairy milk, this brand has delicious unsweetened Almond and Brown Rice Milk. They have other types of milk as well but these two are my favourites, lately the Brown Rice milk has become my new addiction. I use it for breakfast or in any other recipe that uses milk.

-Lucy Bee Coconut Oil is another versatile product that you'll always find in my kitchen. Coconut oil is a saturated fat that your body will use straight away as energy fuel, it also has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties properties.
It's great for cooking at high heat instead of olive oil (which has a low smoking point and is best used raw on salads and bruschettas, yum!), it's fabulous instead of butter in many delicious recipes and it can also be used as a brillant body moisturiser!! Beauty food anyone?

-Cacao powder isn't just delicious (who doesn't love chocolate???) but also filled with antioxidant power and minerals that are oh so good for you! The one I love is from Detox your world and I use to make healing hot chocolate, delicious Truffolini, avocado and cacao mousse and much more... How fantastic is to know that you can have delicious treats that are also nourishing for your body?


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