Saturday, 8 June 2013

Morning trip to Borough Market

Today I went to Borough Market on a mission baby!.
I visited it a couple of times in the past but never spent long enough so this morning I woke up, grabbed my bag (and my boyfriend) and headed towards this Food Mecca that attracts a crazy number of people, both tourists and londoners every single weekend.
We got there towards 10.30am which was good because the atmosphere was already buzzing without too much of a crowd..
I honestly did not know where to look, I was a child in Disneyland!
They have many stalls selling beautiful bright coloured fruits and vegetables so I had a look here and there and finally found the Chegworth Valley Stall, where I grabbed a bag of their delicious organic rainbow chard and a bag of organic kale by Home Farm (as I write this I have already inhaled half of the kale as oven roasted kale crisps..).

Then I headed over to Turnips, where I bought two cucumbers and 6 wonderfully fresh free range eggs
(I know it can seem weird but I do get really excited when I can pick the ones to go in the box myself..)
and also found many many many exotic fabulous fruits I had never seen or heard of and that I'll definitely have to buy next time I go back.
Seriously, some women spend all their money on shoes and jewellery, I spend all of mine on food.
Then I started looking for this basil hummus I heard one of my favourite food bloggers talk about and it soundd so amazing, I had to try it!
But let me tell you, Borough Market is BIG!
There's so many stalls filled with incredible fresh fish, meat, vegetarian food, pastries and bread...
And of course street food!
So you'll understand why it took me a while to finally find The Arabica Food & Spice Company stall in the outdoor side of the market.

Oh man, totally worth the search..They had pitta and lots of samples of their hummus and tahini etc and as
soon as I tasted that Basil Hummus I knew.. I was hooked.

And so I took that little pot of deliciousness at home with me and had it with leftover sweet potato and quinoa burgers.Yum.
Oh!I almost forgot I also got a big bowl filled with perfectly ripe avocados for only £1.
You gotta love markets.
Every time I find myself in a food market I always wish I lived just next to one, but then again that would probably mean I'd spend all day every day just buying food, talking to farmers, eating, and really not having time for much else..Don't get me wrong, I'd be very happy just doing that but I think I might need to work every now and then...

So for now I'll limit myself to my weekend farmers markets bonanza and if you'll excuse me now, I have to go and create something delicious for dinner with all these gorgeous food I brought home.x

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