Wednesday, 1 January 2014

One cup of water and lemon a day...

It's the morning after New Year's Eve or, as some people would say..The first day of 2014! I'm honestly feeling quite sluggish due to the ridiculous amount of sugar I have allowed myself to eat throughout the holidays and especially in the past two days as the weather outside was pretty grim and I chose to snuggle on the couch instead, with my boyfriend, watching Harry Potter and eating all kinds of chocolates and cookies my parents have sent from Italy..
So this morning especially (I actually do this every morning but today there's a giant need of such drink..) I warmed up my water and squeezed the juice of almost half a lemon (you can squeeze more but I find it too strong for me) in it and sipped it slowly while enjoying the view outside my window.
Now, the reason I am telling you this is because I am sure I am probably not the only one feeling this way today and water and lemon first thing in the morning is a fabulous way of stimulating your liver function so we can detoxify our body from all the nasty toxins, on top of that, lemon contains the wonderful vitamin C which boosts our immune system and is wonderful for our skin!
So my suggestion to you for 2014 is to get your body to wake up the right way by preparing this super quick drink as soon as you get up. Here's to your healthy 2014!

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