Friday, 27 June 2014


 Last Thursday, I had a couple of hours between the end of my shift at work and going to see The Crucible at The Old Vic, so I took the chance to walk around a bit and get moving after sitting at the desk for so long.
Little did I know I would bump into the most delicious and summery pop-up in Golden Square.
The Propercorn Summer Pop-Up!

Free Popercorn and drinks to enjoy while listening to some lovely live music, it really felt like summer and I loved every minute of it.

I had seen this brand of popcorn around London for a while, from Planet Organic, to Whole Foods to all major supermarkets but I have always had very bad experiences with pre packaged popcorn: they always ended up being kind of stale and gummy.. The complete opposite of the mouthwatering popcorn you can smell at the movies. So I have always refrained from trying new ones out. Boy was that a mistake!
This popcorn is different..It smelled delicious, tasted great and was properly crunchy!
Propercorn are the perfect option for a single portion treat, instead of gorging on a family size bag at the movies which is going to make you feel  bloated and horrible soon afterwards. I know this because I've done it in the past..

With a price that's less than £1 it's a snack that won't break the bank AND you have a clear calorie count on the front of the pack to remind you why you should not to feel guilty, only 129 calories for my current favourite Sweet and Salty and under 100 calories for the Sea Salt ones.
There are many different flavours to choose from, I tried the Sweet and Salty and took away with me Sea salt and the Fiery Worcester Sauce and Sun Dried Tomato ones for my friend who loves a bit of heat..
Well, surprise surprise, he loved Propercorn too!

Let me remind you all that this is also a gluten and wheat free snack.
So take a look at their website, chose your favourite flavour, grab a bag and enjoy it on the go or while snuggling on the sofa watching your favourite film! Happy Summer everybody!!!xxx

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