Monday, 22 February 2016

Salad & Blogging..

This happy salad was made during my first ever  event for food bloggers here in London. They had a salad styling competition with lots of colourful ingredients to choose from for our creations and this recipe is what came out of it! A happy and tasty salad. Enjoy :) 

Black and white quinoa ( a handful of each)
A handful of rocket 
4 Roasted sweet potato wedges 
2 radishes sliced thin to decorate
A handful of broccoli sprouts
1tsp Pumpkin and sunflower seeds each 
Sliced carrots 
Pomegranate seeds to sprinkle on top and make it pretty 

The dressing was simple the juice of one sweet orange!

You can put it together however you want it. For the purpose of the competition I used rocket first, followed by quinoa,sprouts, wedges leaning on each other, carrots and radishes all around. To finish,  all seeds were sprinkled on top before squeezing my orange all over it!

Pretty easy and delicious :) Enjoy.



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