Friday, 22 January 2016

Detox Challenge Day 5: can you smell the fear?

I don't why I am feeling so terrified about the idea of having to go three days on liquid foods only starting from tomorrow..I am sure I have already done it at some point in the past if I was ill with a big of some sort. When all you can stomach is a little bit of chicken broth..
Maybe it's because this time I am not I'll, I am very much ok and full of energy and as always, hungry and happy to dig in many different kinds of meals.
And I am used to eating a lot, ask any of my friends who while lectures go on for 8 hours, every time they look at me I am always munching on something being it a piece of fruit or some nuts.
Let's start by saying that not everyone should be snacking, in fact, most people will do well with three complete meals a day and no snacking in between. Others, like me, need to keep their blood sugar levels balanced by having snacks ( the right kind of course, always containing protein to help keep levels balanced for longer as protein takes longer to be processed in your body). 
I eat a lot especially when I am studying hard and people, tomorrow and Sunday I have 8 hours of lectures each.
I was supposed to buy a 0.7L soup flask to keep with me throughout the day but found out that it was out of stock today. PANIC. dId I go for the slightly smaller 0.47L that was available to me?
Of course not. In my sheer terror of potentially dying of hunger while listening to my tutor talk about chronic fatigue, I decided to reach for the 1.2 L flask. So I am now heading home with something looking like a giant missle stashed in my bag. Great. I am most definitely not gonna be stopped and searched from head to toe if a policeman goes by.
Back to the food part.
I have already a carrot soup ready, and as soon as I get home I will try a pea and mint soup ( frozen peas= quick and cheap). So two big batches to keep going at least 24/48 hours don't you think?

I am planning a super thick and nutrition packed smoothie in the morning, incorporating the metabolic food powder provided with my Plan which I have to increase to three times a day for the next three days. I wonder if I will still feel as excited about on Monday as I did the first time I tried it..hihi.

I will keep you updated on my physical and mood changes, good or bad. Hopefully great.

But for tonight, the last supper, I still have my turkey burgers and peas and why not, a fresh carrot salad too ( rock'n'roll!). 

And hey, looking at it from a scientific point of you, these three day will hopefully give my digestive system a well deserved break.

Stay tuned.



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