Thursday, 21 January 2016

Detox Challenge DAY4: not looking forward to the weekend...

It is day 4 of this challenge and I have been feeling much better since adjusting the amount of supplements originally given.
The only things I have been noticing for the moment is that my stomach is not as flat as it used to be and I look a little paler and with more break outs (rare event in my case). I think it could be a result of the toxins that my body is trying to excrete?
Othere than that, I have been enjoying creating new recipes and discovering new skills (flax eggs anyone?), however, I have to admit I am feeling a little nervous about the three day of liquids only starting on Saturday.
I will be in school on 2 of those days, with no microwave available to heat up my own soups which means buying from Planet Organic or such, if the ingredients are allowed..I do not have a juicer either so I will have to stick to smoothies, but again, will have to buy some whle out as I do not like to leave morning made smoothie for too long as their consistency becomes unpleasant and they generally turn brown from the veggies inside.
I might look for a soup flask tomorrow, and if not too expensive, it could be a good option to bring my lunch to school and keep it warm as long as possible (much needed in this freezing weather here in London).
For now, I have made a batch of carrot soup and will soon make one of pea and mint soup (always the cheapest ingredients allowed in the list). This way I have them ready for those days. I will probably make a third one that might taste more thick like cauliflower and lentils...Hoping there won't be too much gas involved...hihi..
But for today and tomorrow, I am still enjoying  delicious solid food, this morning I had pear and cinnamon pancakes with almond butter...Mmm...yummm...
And tonight I'm re cooking my favourite pasta with walnut sauce and spinach.
Tomorrow will be a double shift at work, so I'll bring my leftover turkey burgers and peas (that's what batch cooking is after all right?).

And so I leave you for now.. Doing well and keeping positive.

Have a lovely evening everybody!



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