Sunday, 24 January 2016

MY FIRST DETOX, DAY 7: fighting the opposition.

What I learnt today: liquid detox and a weekend filled with lectures do not go hand in hand.
Also, my friends are not currently happy with my liquid days detox and think I should stop. I explained the liquid days are only 3 out of 14, but they stopped listening when my hands could not stop shaking before lunchtime. A little sugar drop... Not to worry, it all went back to normal after I had one soup from Planet Organic, plus other 3 containers of my homemade pea soup. Summary of my lunch= 4 soups.

Hands stopped shaking and I kept drinking water till the end of my lectures at 5.30pm when I was really glad to have my metabolic foods shake. Actually my brain kind of turned itself off around 5pm,  so I had to ask about a million questions as I couldn't really understand any concept about the statics bit we were doing.

As for tonight, I have bought a soup at Planet Organic as I cannot be asked to cook one and I finished all the ones I  had made. I normally avoid any shop bought soup as it tends to give me a bit of acidity, we'll see how this one goes down.

I am not enjoying this 3 liquid days to be honest, it is tough, I am not feeling any better and actually my friends said I do not look too good and actually skinnier.. i am hoping these results will change once I go back to solid foods, and hey, what do you know, by the end of the 14 days I might be actually be glowing! A whole new woman. We'll see. 

I am finding really interesting though how the same detox is affecting in a different way everyone who is taking part in it, some women feel great and loved the liquid days, others not so much. It really strengthens the concept of what is called biochemical individuality, which talks about how every single person is biochemically different and therefore will thrive with different types of foods/lifestyle to someone else. Detox is the same. I am currently thinking that It can be a useful tool to give a break to your liver and pancreas, however the type of the detox and for how long really needs to be tailored to the specific individual. That it exactly why I am so excited about becoming a nutritional therapist in a few months: not one client is the same, everyone will have his own specific protocol to help them get back to their healthiest and happiest. 
The idea of being able to help feel this way makes me feel really happy.

I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed a Sunday Roast for me too.



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