Monday, 25 January 2016

MY FIRST DETOX, Day 8: enough is enough. Getting back to happy.

Today is my last day of liquid detox, and solid foods are back in for tomorrow, my last week of the 14 days!!! I cannot express how happy this makes me feel. I have not stopped thinking about food all day today. Do not get me wrong, I love soups and smoothie but boy have I had enough for a while.

Smoothies are always a good option for breakfast though , especially if you are running late.
Like I was this morning... So thank you Nutribullet!

Unfortunately, nothing else to report today. Lots of running around, one smoothie, two soups and my metabolic food shakes. 

Will try and get another soup tonight on the way back from the theatre... Hopefully my stomach won't be rumbling during the show :)

UPDATE at 9.13pm on the train back home..
I can't stop smiling. I have a hot delicious roasted chicken in my shopping bag and I cannot stop smiling! The girl at the counter actually asked if I was in love, I replied: much better! I am having solid foods again after a 3 day liquid detox! She said she had never seen someone so happy to buy a chicken. She had obviously never done 3 days of liquids only.
I am stopping this 4 hours early but enough is enough, for me the one more soup or smoothie tonight would not have made a difference. After these three days three different girls on Facebook raved about how wonderful and glowing they felt and looked, but for me, for my body and mind, it did not work. 
I felt worse physically and mentally. Not to mention I was turning into an angry bitch. That it is not me.
However I am happy to go back on the regular detox plan filled with delicious vegetables, proteins and fruits. Very very happy with that.

Detox can be good but learn to listen to your body I say. I was pushing even if I felt horrible just because I admit I can be stubborn and I do not like to quit. Anything.
I have previously stayed in abusive relationships or depressing unfulfilling jobs because I did not want to give up.
But it's not about giving up.It's about being strong enough to do what is best for you your body and your mind.
After all isn't that what nutrional therapy is all about? Feeling your healthiest and happiest with the help of the right kinds of food, active lifestyle and positive attitude?
At least that's what I think. And that is how I am going to help my clients starting from this summer, helping them feel happy and healthy, while enjoying all the right kinds of foods that are just right for them.

I am finishing this post now at 10.15pm, with a happy tummy, zero guilt and smile on my face. 
What more can I ask for?

I hope you all have a lovely night.



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