Sunday, 31 January 2016


This is a place I discovered just before Christmas, my flatmate Patch swore to me I would have loved it and boy, was he right.

I as a little sceptical on my way there, Patch said they did stir-fries and I thought it would just be another Wagamama.. I was wrong.

Wokit is just in front of Borough Market, it's cosy and colourful inside. Just a couple of regular tables at the back, and two high ones with tall stools just next to the cooking area. And that's the great thing, you can see everything that's happening, it's all out there, right in front of your eyes for you to take  in: the fresh ingredients you can choose from, and the fabulous smells from the different types of dishes being sautéed just next to your table.

They have anything you might need, gluten free noodles, vegan options such as tofu if that's what you want. If not, then you can add some delicious salmon, beef, duck, pork and chicken...

But what I loved the most were the noodles, oh wow the noodles! I was looking for a gluten free option and decided to try the buckwheat and sweet potato noodles. Absolutely incredible, trust me, light and tasty.The stir fry comes with a mix of vegetables ( carrot, garlic, ginger, beansprouts, cabbage and spring onions) to which you can add some extra one from their menu. You add your source of protein,  I chose salmon, and a miso coriander dressing. Yes, you also choose your dressing people! You create a stir fry that is perfectly tailored just for you.

The prices are affordable and the portion is large. I couldn't finish mine, but Patch was very happy to finish it for me. Kind man.

Take a look at their menu and start drooling. Then get yourselves down there and enjoy every single bite, you'll be back for more. I know I will.

This is where you are headed:
Borough Market
3 Stoney Street
London, SE1 9AA

Tel: 0207 74032111

Happy Monday!




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